I am Marina Buening

Expert for your artistic and creative process


My courses will help you to activate your creativity, to rediscover it, or just to make a leap into it. You will also receive many tips, advices and tricks to help you move through your daily life:

  • finding more time;
  • prioritizing your goals;
  • finding space;
  • preventing or reducing interruptions;
  • focusing on one idea or brainstorming many ideas;-
  • techniques to help you start

These are an example of the subjects which you will learn to master through my seminars.
Mastering the above will help you, bring your creative self into the world. By bringing more of you into the world will show you become much more fulfilled and therefore happy.
Once you have discovered your creativity, you will be astonished, how it engulfs your whole life: in your job, when you are cooking or when you are writing emails and so on.
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The way I can help you:

Online Courses

Interactive online seminars (in German only for the moment)

Individual Sessions

Contact on individual basis with Skype

What others are saying about me

“Buening herself is a wonderful professor. She is a very kind and understanding professor who helps each student individually. This method of teaching has always helped me learn the best.”

“The interest of the instructor to come to everyone and explain clearly what to draw and how.”

“She was always very understanding and I always liked her for it.”

“Instructor always have professional approach for teaching and explaining information. Always prepared and ready to help. Always listens to your ideas and takes them in notes. Very flexible yet controls the working progress. The best art teacher!”

My university students during the last semester 2016

“This was the perfect one credit course without going too far.”

“Prof. Burning was brilliant and even when faced with non-artists helpful and engaging. There was a good level of freedom in the course that made the class enjoyable, the research we had to complete on the artists was interesting and helped me understand more about sculpting and the differences in the art than I would have known.”

“The location and studio were phenomenal.”

“Great balance between theory and practice.”

“Overall I love the teacher and the course!”

“Lovely place and location. The professor was exceptionally hospitable and pleasant.”

Students at my house to do a workshop with me on sculpture in clay

Now finally about me


After a few distractions such as gaining a Masters in Economy and working as a tax consultant I realised that I wanted to become an artist. I therefore quit my job as a tax consultant. This was a huge decision but I learned to always follow my heart. Being very curious and having many teachers I quickly learned a lot of different artistic techniques. I was also interested in meditation, psychology and had many spiritual questions. I continually did further workshops and seminars. In my spare time I did not forget my passion for oriental and contemporary dance. In 1998 I met my Italian partner and moved to Sabina near Rome in Italy.

This was perhaps the biggest step I ever made. During this phase of my life I learned that no matter how difficult things became to always stick with my creative endeavors and artistic work. During this period I had many different crisis where I almost gave up but I recovered and the experiences made me stronger. Therefore I have a wish and passion to provide courses to help you if you have  a similar yearning and to accompany you on your own journey.

To live through your creativity will mean finding your own heart centered voice. This is so important for all of us.

Where do I live now and what is my teaching experience?

I live in my house and studio in the countryside, and use my spare time for my own artistic projects. In addition to sculpture, I am currently very interested in printmaking with a focus on etchings.

I teach drawing, printmaking and sculpture since four years in Rome at an American university (AUR).

For over 20 years, I taught all age groups in different institutions in Germany and Italy, in addition to private courses with a focus on sculpture. Up until one year ago, I was a teacher at an American high school for photography and I led the students in their International Baccalaureate in art.



What do I have to offer to you?

Please allow me to accompany you on your creative journey. I can do this in small groups or individually. To get to know me better I offer the following:

Short individual talk via SkypeMy online courses