What do you learn during the holiday?



The course will help you to let behind your thoughts and worries, so you can just enjoy and create. When you are in your creative flow, you will notice how much more energy and power you suddenly have. Your adrenaline shoots up and the ideas are easily flowing. You get support to channel all of this into your artistic work. Of course, even in case of setbacks or doubts that can come up again and again, I am there to help you right away.  Specifically, you learn to develop an artistic idea and to execute it. The idea can be very foggy or not even exist at the beginning. Maybe you will be inspired by a material or a technique we use. You continue and the idea becomes clearer and comes into the world. In addition, you will learn to deal with your resistance or other obstacles that you might rebuild and that influence your creative activity.


How do you get ideas, what input you become?


To get into our inspiration, we must first relax and leave everyday life with all the problems and worries behind us. This is helped by a wide variety of perceptual exercises: For example improvisational dance exercises, shamanistic exercises in contact with nature, and other techniques that enhance perception. We will therefore often go to nature to use it as a source of inspiration. As we begin to sharpen our senses in nature, we are able to connect with a very different side of ourselves, being in the moment and developing another mindfulness. That’s exactly what we need for our creative work. Nature, too, can help us to become more modest and become a bit of a distance to ourselves. This makes creating easier and more joyful because it is more playful and less serious.


You get very specific exercises, that opens your perception. In the beginning, I like to work with unusual drawing or painting exercises or small challenges in 3D. Everyone can participate without special craft skills. It’s just about really getting involved.

This is the starting point to get involved with a variety of materials for your own art. From found objects to paint, brushes, drawing tools, clay and whatever else you might see, we have everything at our disposal.

Furthermore, there are concrete help and various exercises to keep in the flow and to maintain what you have learned also in your everyday life outside the course. Much is inspired by Julia Cameron (The Way of the Artist and other of her books) and Kleon Austin, Elizabeth Gilbert, Eric Maisel, and Ulrich Klieber. In this approach the personal individual accompaniment is fundamental, and therefore the groups are relatively small, a maximum of 10 people.


What do we offer?

6 hours of instruction on 6 days from Saturday to Saturday, in a wonderful landscape in a small Italian village, north of Rome. The ideal place to be inspired by nature and the environment and to relax. Work is done in the studio and house of the artist, you are housed within walking distance in a B & B. If you have a vehicle or like to cycle, you can also stay in small apartments about 7 km away. Lunch is eaten in the house and in the evening is self-catering. There is also a restaurant not too far away.


The course costs 680 €.

Basic materials are provided, with the consumption of large quantities, the material can be acquired.

With the registration a deposit of 200 € is due.


Early summer from June 8th to 15th.

The weather is usually still pleasant, but it can also get hotter

Summer from the 20th to the 27th of July

Now it’s real Italian summer weather, but we have enough shade to work.


If you want to know more, click on the button and you will get more information about the course. But you are also welcome to contact me directly and call or e-mail me:

Landline: 0039 0765608283

WhatsApp: 0039 3388883132

mail: Marina (ad) marinabuening.com



The place and the schedule

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