The place and the schedule

Where does the creative course take place?


The course takes place in Montebuono. Montebuono is a small still very lively village of about 900 inhabitants in the Sabine mountains in Lazio on the border with Umbria. The village is 70 km from Rome and can be reached by train and bus. Montebuono is slightly elevated about 400 m with a breathtaking view over the Tiber valley. Otherwise, the landscape is characterized by olive groves, fields, herds of sheep, vineyards, and forests. It is a very gentle hilly area, reminiscent of Tuscany 40 years ago. The villages are from the 800th century, as well as ours and still very well preserved and intact, but not too much renovated. Sometimes I tend to forget how much beauty surrounds me here. I always realize it only when I’m somewhere else again. From Montebuono you can go directly into the forest and take long walks. Due to its special location, the microclimate is a bit more balanced here, slightly less hot in summer and less cold in winter.


Visit the Eternal City of Rome


It is also possible to spend a few days in Rome after or before the course, with timely registration I can arrange an excellent B & B. In addition, I can give a lot of tips to make your stay in Rome a pleasure and source of inspiration.


Where do we work?


We work in my studio in Montebuono. You live in a walking distance in a B & B.  My studio is at my house and a converted double garage. In front of the studio is still a courtyard with a shadow tent, so that everyone has enough space and shadow. From my studio, you have a unique view over the Tiber Valley.

Because I myself work with a lot of different materials, I have everything from drawing material to painting utensils, as well as various sculptural materials such as stone and clay. Of course, many other things for binding, for assembling, gluing or whatever it is supposed to be.



Where do you stay?


 You stay in a B & B in walking distance or in small apartments within or outside the village but very close to it. In the village, there are small grocery stores, butchers, post office and bank. So everything you need to live can be purchased directly in the village. The B & B is very clean and quiet and the landlady super nice and serves you a rich breakfast. There is also a terrace with a corresponding view.

Single rooms are limited and available at an additional cost. The rooms cost about 40 to 50 €. There are also apartments nearby that are slightly more expensive but have a swimming pool. They are very quiet, nicely located and with cooking facilities.


We have lunch together at my house, while in the evening everyone takes care of themselves. If desired, we can sometimes eat together in the nearby restaurant. The food here is fresh, good and rurally rustic. The pizzas are the best in Italy.

Day by day:

Saturday is the arrival day. We pick you up from the train station and bring you to the accommodation. At the Evening we meet for dinner and get-together (included in the price). From Sunday to Saturday: In the morning we work three hours with guided exercises, special walks, going to the river and similar things. Everybody works alone in the afternoon. I am present and give individual support. One afternoon we make a little trip in the area. In the evening before the way to the restaurant, we can also look at one or the other village. On Friday afternoon, we finish the work, clean up and make a small exhibition to admire each other’s work in a tidy frame and a small final discussion, then dinner together. As far as your paperwork is concerned, like paintings or drawings, they can be sent to Germany by courier. Even heavier or larger works may possibly be sent with a courier, but against extra payment or we organize it privately. Saturday: departure, possible transport to the station, farewell. 

What is included in the offer? 

6 hours of instruction on 6 days from Sunday to Saturday, in a wonderful landscape in a small Italian village, north of Rome. The lunch and the first and last dinner are also included in the course price, as well as the materials. Not included are travel, accommodation, as well as breakfast and the other dinners. Of course, I help with the reservation for the B & B or the small apartments. Single rooms are limited and available at an additional cost. The rooms cost about 30 to 60 € with double occupancy. There are also apartments nearby that are slightly more expensive but have a swimming pool. To reach the apartments with a swimming pool, you need a car. It can be a good idea to rent a car at the airport, which is now very cheap. 


The course costs 680 €. Basic materials are provided, with the consumption of large quantities, the material can be acquired. With the registration a deposit of 200 € is due. 


Early summer from June 8 to 15 2019.

The weather is usually still pleasant, but it can also get hotter

Summer from July 20 to the 27 of 2019

Now it’s real Italian summer weather, but there are shade spots. In case we start earlier, have alonger siesta and work a bit longer. 

If you want to know more, click on the button and you will get more information about the course. But you are also welcome to contact me directly and call or e-mail me:

Landline: 0039 0765608283

WhatsApp: 0039 3388883132

mail: Marina (ad)



What do you learn during the holiday?

How do you reach Montebuono?



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