We are living in a very competitive society as we know and everybody is running behind some goal to be better than somebody else. We can also observe where this leeds to: using up all the resources of the earth, not having respect for the other beings.  If we look at the nature we don’t find that in nature : a rose is blossoming by itself it does not want to be more beautiful than the other rose at the side, it is just as it is. An animal might fight for survival, when there is not enough food or when it is chased by another animals, but it is not aiming to be the fastest animal of the world or of his pack. This is  invented by the humans. For example in a herd of horses they have found out that there are more than one leader. There is the stallion and there is the mare who are the leader for certain things, but for example the moment that everybody moves away might be decided by somebody else in the herd and the chief stallion stays at the end and looks that everybody follows.

When I do art it is important not to think competitive but to be in the moment of doing and enter totally into the space of my doing, being absorbed by that and not having in mind the aim,what others might think and so on. Otherwise my art might be rather superficial and does not tell anything about things behind the veil. I don’t thing how to compete in this moment afterwards perhaps yes but not in the moment of creating, it might be a matter of survival to find the right expression, but if everything works fine it is easy and playful.                                                                           Copia di _DSC1124