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Trust your creativity,

I help you to discover, develop or reinsure your creativity!

As an Artist I was always lead by my curiosity for small and bigger things in the world, and as an art teacher by my interest in the people I met. Together we look for the key to develop their creative potential, to allow it to flourish.

I believe that making art has a lot to do with the ability to learn again to play, to forget the world around us and to enter into a deeper and truer contact with ourselves. This is true for my own art as well as for the way I teach.

My blog, my Facebook page and of course my own artwork are an expression of this approach

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Ein Abend nur zum Zeichnen

Verzeih bitte diesem kleinen fliegenden Teil, aber es hat eine wunderbare Info für Dich:

Am 5. April um 19.00 Uhr gibt es ein kostenloses Webinar, das ganz der Zeichnung gewidmet ist.  Ich gebe Dir verschiedene Übugen und Aufgaben und anschließend gibt es die Möglichkeit des Austausches.

Hier geht es zum Webinar

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